ELE|NA Spa Awarded Favourite Global Brand at Global Spa Awards 2022

PUBLISHED November 16, 2022 | updated November 16, 2022 02:09

Global Spa Awards 2022 recognized ELE|NA Spa, inspired by elements of nature, as the "Favourite Global Brand." Lauded by the judges for its service, treatment options, and industry-leading expertise, which is certain to leave guests enchanted by their experience.

The Global Spa magazine's annual awards program, which is authenticated by a panel of industry experts, honours the greatest services, goods, and best practices in the spa and wellness sectors worldwide.

"We are honoured and overjoyed to receive this award. We work hard to perfect the art of crafting one-of-a- kind wellness journeys that are full of thoughtful touches and rhythms of nature. A big debt of gratitude goes to our fantastic teams, without whom none of this would have been possible. And of course, we wouldn't be here without our loving guests, who have repeatedly placed their faith in us " says Heidi Grimwood, Vice President, ELE|NA Spa.

About ELE|NA Spa

ELE|NA is an acronym for Elements of Nature, which refers to the five elemental forces of nature - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water, helps in healing as these energies flow all around and within every individual. It is divided into two sub-brands: ELE|NA Elements of Nature and ELE|NA The Spa.

Offering bespoke wellness journeys under the "Wellness Your Way" program, itineraries are designed specifically for the guests’ individual needs, highlighting holistic treatments, alternative health therapies, and gourmet plant based cuisine throughout the all-inclusive vacation.

At ELE|NA, guests embark on a holistic journey of wellness, healing, and relaxation, feeling rejuvenated and refreshed as a result of life-changing experiences, where local healing traditions are combined with international beauty and spa treatments to provide a one-of-a-kind experience.


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