Canareef Resort Maldives Reopens After Renovation

PUBLISHED January 16, 2022

Canareef Resort Maldives, located in Addu Atoll has announced its resume of operations and reopening after a period of two years.  

Canareef Resort Maldives reopened on January 15, 2022, after carrying out some essential renovation works to improve overall product and offerings. In this phase, the resort is opening 142 rooms east of the arrival jetty and reception area. They further inform that out of these 142 rooms, 140 rooms have been booked by its partner; Resort Life Travels. The support extended by Resort Life Travels and their MD Mr. Shaaz Waleed led to an early opening for the resort ahead of its initial plan to reopen in April 2022. 

In addition to the support from Waleed and his team, Canareef Resort highlighted the continuous support received from the Government of the Maldives, especially from Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Economic Development, who went above and beyond in providing guidance and assistance in facilitating them to meet the reopening date fully prepared. 

The resort thanked Mayor of Addu City, Mr. Ali Nizar, for his support and assistance in ensuring that deadlines were met without delay and the management of Gan International Airport and Member of Parliament for Meedhoo Constituency, Rozaina Adam and Member of Parliament for Feydhoo Constituency Mohamed Nihad, for their support in facilitating that all permits and approvals were obtained on time.  

Additional support was also received from management of Aims Health Care Pvt Ltd and their General Manager, Ibrahim Didi in ensuring any medical assistance that is to be required at the resort. 

Lastly, the resort expressed gratitude towards its wonderful team and owners, for the support and perseverance that they have shown during the period. “They went above and beyond to ensure that work was completed on time.” 

Canareef Resort Maldives further announced that that they will be opening more rooms in the coming days.  

The idyllic resort spans an impressive 4.5km in length and is located just south of the Equator. It is easily accessible by a scenic and thrilling 70-minutes fly by a domestic plane from Male' International to Gan International Airport. 


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