Villa Hotels and Resorts Organizes an Educational and Fun Trip to Hanifaru Bay for the Kids at Amaan Veshi

PUBLISHED June 14, 2022 | updated June 14, 2022 04:43

As part of Villa Hotels & Resorts CSR projects, Royal Island Resort & Spa, diveOceanus dive center and Q Adventure watersports collaborated with Amaan Veshi Eydhafushi Orphanage, the Gender Ministry and the Baa Atoll Biosphere Reserve Rangers to organize a fun and educational trip to Hanifaru Bay for the children living in Amaan Veshi. The field trip took place on the 11 June and proved a great success as the children got the opportunity to swim alongside majestic manta rays in their natural habitat.  

The Baa Atoll Rangers provided valuable information and educated the children about the unique marine life and biodiversity of the marine protected UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Baa Atoll. Snorkeling lessons were provided and the children learnt firsthand from the rangers about the unique manta ray hotspot of Hanifaru Bay.  

The informative trip was part of Royal Island Resort & Spa’s annual Green Fest and followed the successful reef clean ups which were held at the resort in celebration of World Ocean Day. Villa Hotels & Resorts aim to raise awareness on the importance of ocean preservation and promoting sustainability within the local community. Educating the younger generation to care and protect the fragile marine environment, while inspiring a deeper connection with nature is crucial to pave the way for a sustainable future.  


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