Explore the Depths with Award-Winning Underwater Photographers at COMO Cocoa Island

PUBLISHED March 24, 2024 | updated March 24, 2024 00:29

COMO Cocoa Island invites guests to embark on an extraordinary aquatic adventure with renowned underwater photographers Henley Spiers and Jade Hoksbergen. From April 19th to 29th, 2024, the esteemed artistic duo will be in residence, offering a range of captivating activities that promise to unveil the mesmerizing beauty lurking beneath the waves.

Step into the world of underwater photography with Spiers and Hoksbergen as your guides. Dive into the flourishing house reef and emerge with stunning underwater portraits captured by these celebrated artists. Limited to a maximum of four guests per session, this exclusive experience guarantees unforgettable moments frozen in time.


  • Scuba equipment

  • Services of a guide and a photographer

  • Electronic copies of at least five high-resolution photos

Price: US$600

Refine Your Underwater Craft

Delve deeper into the art of underwater photography with a full day of private tuition from Spiers or Hoksbergen. Embark on two dives to capture your images before returning to the resort for a post-production workshop. Bring your own photography equipment or opt for professional camera rental for an additional fee.


  • Two dives with scuba equipment

  • Services of a private guide and photographer

  • Post-production workshop

  • Lunch for two

Price: US$1,200
Professional camera rental: US$400

Engage in Enlightening Conversations

Join Spiers and Hoksbergen for COMO Conversations, where they share their insights into underwater photography, recount their most memorable aquatic adventures, and discuss recent observations about marine life around the resort. Attendance is complimentary, offering guests a unique opportunity to connect with these visionary artists.

To book, email to: cocoaisland@comohotels.com

Meet the Masters

Henley Spiers, Underwater Photographer:

A British-French dive instructor and award-winning underwater photographer, Henley Spiers boasts a remarkable portfolio that has garnered international acclaim. With accolades including the Grand Prize at the Hamdan International Photography Award and exhibitions at prestigious venues like the Natural History Museum in London, Spiers is renowned for his captivating underwater imagery. His work at COMO destinations has earned him prestigious awards such as the Festisub Duo Mer and recognition from the UN World Oceans Day contest.

Jade Hoksbergen, Underwater Photographer:

French-Taiwanese artist Jade Hoksbergen is a master of capturing the intricate beauty of marine life through her lens. Her enchanting underwater photography showcases the delicate wonders of the aquatic world, earning her widespread recognition and numerous accolades. Beyond her talent behind the camera, Hoksbergen is also a skilled underwater model, gracing the covers of several magazines. Together, Spiers and Hoksbergen are committed to ocean conservation and have co-authored two books that celebrate the magnificence of the underwater realm.

Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a transformative journey into the depths of the ocean with Henley Spiers and Jade Hoksbergen. Join them at COMO Cocoa Island for an unforgettable experience that will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the beauty that lies beneath the waves.


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