Jalboot Marine Services Pvt Ltd Launches an Internship Program for Young Maldivians Interested in Marine Operations

PUBLISHED August 31, 2022 | updated August 31, 2022 02:11

Jalboot Marine Services Pvt Ltd has hosted the Internship Inauguration Ceremony on August 30, 2022 at Maldives Polytechnic. In this ceremony, 15 young Maldivians were awarded the certificate of selection for the internship of Jalboot. The ceremony was graced by the Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Ibrahim Hassan. The ceremony was attended by interns, their parents, and staff of Jalboot. 

During the ceremony, Minister spoke about the need for & importance of the private sector in contributing to the human resource needs of the sector & the nation. Minister requested all interns to take the opportunity and complete the training, Minister appreciated the initiates of Jalboot in developing young people for the marine field.  

Jalboot Marine Services Pvt Ltd has launched an internship program for young Maldivians interested in marine operations. The program allows any interested young Maldivian to get training in all the fields of operation by Jalboot. The Internship program is scheduled for six months, and Jalboot will pay a monthly allowance for the participants. The areas for training include Water Sports, Diving, Excursion, Marina Operation, Water Transport, Admin, Finance, and Marketing. The reference letters/certificates will be provided for the interns who successfully complete the internship, and there is the possibility that they can join the team Jalboot. 

Jalboot Marine Services is a private limited is a subsidiary on Jalboot Holding LLC; Jalboot Holdings LLC, a marine company based in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Established in 2017. Jalboot Marine Services Pvt Ltd is specialized in delivering high quality, fully integrated marine solutions such as water transport services, Marina Management, Water Sports, Diving and Excursion, design and build of custom boats, watersports, and luxury charters. Despite its young age, Jalboot is a pioneer in marine services in the Maldives where it is successfully serving some of the biggest resort islands of the country 


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