Fun Activities Curated Especially for the Kids at Innahura

PUBLISHED April 26, 2022 | updated April 26, 2022 09:22

Kids will love the soft sandy beaches that gently slope into the clear warm lagoon surrounding Innahura – sandcastle building and splashy water fun defines a great beach holiday. Innahura Maldives has more to offer its younger guests than beach fun and if you want to plant firm memories of their Maldives holiday, treat your kids to these captivating experiences they’ll never forget: 

Sunset Cruise 

Kids will love a ride on a traditional Dhoni boat and get the chance to admire the glorious Maldivian sunset whilst bobbing along on the ocean – challenge them to see how many colours they can spot. Sometimes, on lucky days, dolphins are sighted jumping and playing alongside the boat.  

Fun Tubes or Banana Ride 

For those who like a little more speed and adventure – then it’s the Fun Tube ride or Banana Boat. No matter how tight you hold on, you’re likely to end up rolling into the ocean – great family fun! 

Learn How to Snorkel 

If your child has never snorkelled before, allow the experienced guides to provide them with helpful tips to make the most of their snorkelling adventures. The session includes getting comfortable with the equipment and learning the proper techniques of snorkelling. 

Bubblemaker Try Diving for Kids 

With a maximum of two children per instructor they will learn the basics of breathing underwater before heading out to play in the lagoon at a maximum depth of 2 metres. Frisbee, torpedo and somersaults are just some of the things they can get up too whilst below the surface and they’ll discover all kinds of cool marine creatures. Contact Prodivers Dive Center for more information. 

Sandbank Picnic 

Hop on a Dhoni for the short ride to a nearby sandbank in the middle of the ocean and then enjoy being castaways while you enjoy a delicious picnic. Apologies to parents seeking time alone peace and quiet time alone but it’s not possible to send your kids to the sandbank without you! 

To view even more activities, download the Innahura Mobile App or visit and start planning your adventures together. As soon as you have a confirmed reservation, you will be able to book the activities. 


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