Resort Life Secures Bid to Build City Hotel in Uligan with Over 100 Million MVR Investment

PUBLISHED May 11, 2023 | updated May 11, 2023 02:38

Resort Life Travel has won the bid to construct a hotel in Uligan with an investment of over 100 million.

Mohamed Shaaz Waleed, the owner of Resort Life, is renowned for his unwavering dedication to positioning Russia as the top tourism market in the Maldives. His exceptional efforts have been recognized and commended by the government and industry experts like Champa Hussain Afifmen. However, this time, Resort Life has chosen to elevate its endeavors beyond attracting tourists to the Maldives by venturing into the construction of a city hotel, marking a significant investment for Shaz.

The Maldives Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) has initiated the construction of a city hotel in the picturesque region of Uligan, and Resort Life has been granted the contract to build a grand city hotel in the vicinity.

Speaking about the tourism project, to be named 'Ulifushi' in Uligan, Shaaz shared with local media that the company is currently conducting environmental research and other related studies following the Uligan Council's decision to award them the project. Shaaz also emphasized the hotel's commitment to incorporating eco-friendly features.

"The final touches are being applied to the hotel's design. It will consist of a total of 50 rooms, with an initial focus on opening 30 of them this year... We are determined to accomplish this, with the grace of God," stated Shaaz.

He further mentioned that this ambitious project is expected to attract an investment of approximately MVR 100 million and will breathe new life into Uligan. Shaz expressed that the construction of the MTDC hotel has faced delays, which is why the new hotel will create numerous job opportunities in the area. The project aims to employ at least 200 individuals from Uligan, making it a significant development for the community. Shaz added, "Moreover, this hotel will invigorate other activities in the village."

This venture, launched alongside the government's plans to enhance the Hanimaadhoo International Airport and expand international travel, will benefit the entire Thiladhun region. Additionally, the presence of these accommodations will facilitate charter flights to Thiladhun, especially since Waleed successfully attracted tourists to the Maldives through several charter flights during the COVID pandemic.



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