Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) Elevates Air Traffic Control Training with Inaugural Radar Control Course

PUBLISHED August 21, 2023 | updated August 21, 2023 01:39

 In its relentless pursuit of excellence, the Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) has embarked on its first Air Traffic Control (ATC) Radar Control Training, Area Control Surveillance Course (ICAO 054), on July 30, 2023. This comprehensive training program, spanning 8 weeks, is designed to empower air traffic control professionals and strengthen the company's air navigation services.

Under the expert guidance of lead instructor Richard Thomas Smith from Global ATS / UK, along with MACL's instructors Mohmed Athuhar and Ahmed Nazeer, the training, which began with six dedicated participants, will conclude on September 21, 2023.

As the entity mandated to provide air navigation services to all airports in the Maldives, MACL places immense importance on advancing the skills and expertise of its air traffic control personnel. The ATC Radar Control Training stands as a testament to MACL's commitment to providing world-class training and services to its valued customers and stakeholders.

This initiative follows MACL's previous accomplishments in elevating its air traffic control capabilities. In 2021, MACL inaugurated the Maldives' first Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower simulator at Velana International Airport (VIA), a crucial tool for training air traffic control officers. This simulator significantly contributes to the continuous development and enhancement of the skills of air traffic controllers. Moreover, in 2023, MACL took a remarkable step by inaugurating two Air Traffic Control License Courses, concurrently conducting the Area Control Procedural Course (ICAO 055) and the Approach Control Procedural Course (ICAO 053). This demonstrated MACL's dedication to fostering a skilled and adept workforce.

The commencement of the 1st ATC Radar Control Training underscores MACL's commitment to excellence in aviation services. By constantly investing in advanced training programs and facilities, MACL strengthens its position as a premier provider of air navigation services in the region.



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