Lifetime Achievement Award granted to Honourable Ahmed Naseem

PUBLISHED December 21, 2019

Presidents office Minister Ahmed Kerafa Naseem has been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award in Tourism.

An experienced figure in the industry, Mr. Naseem received the award at the MATATO Maldives Travel Award 2019, held in Crossroads Maldives last night.

Mr. Naseem stated at the ceremony, his hope that the countrys industry would always have the participation of Maldivians.  

"This industry was envisaged by Maldivians, developed by Maldivians, and its about time that some of the companies start selling shares to Maldivians. That way well have more Maldivian participation in this industry" said honourable Mr. Naseem, as he dedicated his Lifetime Achievement Award to his mother and father in a heart-warming speech.

Mr. Naseem is one of the pioneering figures behind the establishment and foundation of the massive industry that is seen in the Maldives today. Naseem brought the first ever tourist and travel agent to the Maldives, an Italian national named George Corbin on a cargo boat named Maldives Exporter in 1971.

Accommodation for the first tourists that arrived in the country in 1972 was also arranged by honourable Mr. Naseem as well as Umar Manik and Champa Hussain Afeef.

Mr. Naseem and Umar Manik established the first travel agency of the country called Moomin Agency and the two along with Afeef were also the figures behind the Kurumba Village in Vihamanafushi, which was the first resort to be opened in the country.


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