The Travel Guys Launches Inaugural Edition of Travelution Magazine

PUBLISHED November 09, 2023 | updated November 09, 2023 01:42

The Travel Guys, a leading marketing PR firm in the Maldives, announces the release of the inaugural edition of Travelution Magazine, titled 2023/2024 edition. This exciting new magazine, slated to run from November 2023 to April 2024, was launched at the prestigious World Travel Market (WTM) at the stunning ExCeL London, United Kingdom.

Travel Guys has been delivering an extensive array of travel-related content online, with a particular focus on the Maldives, for over two years. This content has included the latest news, exclusive stories, and reviews of the region's most sought-after resorts. Now, in a move to further expand the Travelution brand, the company is introducing a physical magazine to cater to its readers' diverse interests.

The highlight of the 2023/2024 edition is the launch of a brand-new segment called "THE BEST." This section features the top 3 to 5 properties in various categories, providing unparalleled coverage of accommodations, cuisines, excursions, and offers. With over 173 properties in the Maldives, "THE BEST" ensures that readers receive the most comprehensive and reliable recommendations for all their travel needs. This unique segment marks an innovation in travel journalism, offering a fresh perspective on accommodations and experiences.

This inaugural edition of Travelution Magazine places a significant emphasis on the decade-long excellence achieved by Atmosphere Core. It features an exclusive interview with Atmosphere Core's COO, Mr. Stephane Laguette, discussing his role and the consistent rise of the brand and its properties in the Maldives. Additionally, the magazine explores the transformation of the 37+-year-old Villa Resorts into a modern-day haven, as well as showcasing the cinematic luxury of Patina Maldives, Fari Islands, and the ultimate island bliss getaway offered by Trans Maldivian Airway (TMA).

The "Offers" section is designed to provide readers with access to exclusive offers from Travel Guys' partners, making it easier than ever to book holidays to the leading destination of the world, The Maldives.

"Travelution THE BEST marks a new chapter in the travel trade world and gives travelers the opportunity to choose their desired property based on their interests. We are extremely grateful for the support of our partners and collaborators, who have played a pivotal role in bringing this inaugural edition to life," said Fraath Mohamed, Managing Director of Travel Guys. 

The next edition of Travelution Magazine is scheduled for May 2024 and promises to feature even more exciting "THE BEST" lists and exclusive offers, keeping readers informed and inspired for their next travel adventures.

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