Aqua Vita Residencies implements strong safety measures to ensure employee safety

PUBLISHED April 09, 2020

Aqua Vita Residencies has implemented strong safety measures for the well-being of employees and members amidst pandemic, COVID-19.

The company aims to support the world lead initiative to mitigate the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) with the strengthening of safety precautions, ensuring the safety of employees and those working alongside Aqua Vita. There are currently 250 staff employed at Aqua Vita Residencies.

The accommodation of labour workers located at the working site. If any of these employees are to leave the premises, they are required to obtain a special permission from the higher ranking officials, informs Aqua Vita Residencies. The workers are also advised to always use hand sanitizers, which are provided by the company.

Aqua Vita Residencies has made it a priority to sanitize the offices and the living quarters of all labourers in addition to checking the temperature of all these individuals for additional measurements. Furthermore, entry to the working site have been limited to staff and clients only and have also minimized the visiting hours to the site.

Envisaged as a part of Hulhumales ambitious plan of catering to the next generation of Maldivian and world tourism, Aqua Vita Residencies seeks to cater luxury clientele. The high- rise apartment building consist of 104 unique apartments spread across 14 floors.  


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