The Hawks Expands its Fleet by Acquiring Largest Oil Tanker to Date

PUBLISHED November 29, 2023

The Hawks have expanded their fleet by acquiring their largest oil tanker to date, Hawks Progress. The oil tanker has a capacity of 18, million litres. This addition not only enables the company to deliver fuel more promptly and efficiently to its diverse clientele but also marks a significant step in meeting the growing fuel demand in the Maldives.

Apart from its 6 oil tankers, Hawks operates 19 vessels, 14 barges, and 12 bowsers to ensure a seamless fuel supply. Hawks maintains a group of eight fuel stations strategically positioned across the Maldives.

Hawks Pvt Ltd, established in 2007, has emerged as a leading fuel supplier in the Maldives, The company has a diverse portfolio ranging from construction services to transportation and hospitality. The company's success can be attributed to its unwavering focus on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

The Hawks team is confident that Hawks Progress will be an invaluable asset, enabling them to maintain their track record of delivering high-quality fuel to their customers.


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