The Westin Maldives Launches 7-Day Wellness Program on the Occasion of World Sleep Day 2022

PUBLISHED March 20, 2022 | updated March 20, 2022 04:20

Westin Hotels & Resorts’ signature wellness programs help guests soar above all obstacles that travel puts between them and their well-being. Here one can eat, sleep, move, feel, work and play well, transcending the rigors of travel while you’re on the road. The wellness-oriented brand has been ensuring that their guests experience a night of restorative sleep since launching The Westin Heavenly® Bed almost 20 years ago. 

Celebrating World Sleep Day on March 18, The Westin Maldives Miriandhoo Resort seeks to continue positioning itself as one of the leading wellness resorts in the market by launching a 7-day recharge program with over 15 activations spread through the week aimed at improving guests’ quality of sleep. 

Among these activities, there was one complementary workout session per day, a sauna and steam room experience with aromatic essences, and a wide variety of suggested spa treatments for complete relaxation and reconnection with one’s senses. The design of the Heavenly Spa by Westin™ exudes an intimate and serene ambience and features a spacious treatment suite for two with panoramic ocean views. When the sun goes down at this tropical island, guests can let their tensions slip away with a bubble bath in their villas with antioxidant and revitalizing properties, followed by chamomile tea, helping them disconnect from their daily routines. 

Before calling it a day, the resort’s fitness instructor, Estalitaa Pinto, who has over 15 years of experience had a night meditation session by the beach. "Sleep connects directly with your mental well-being, so training your breath and maintaining a breathing pattern is really important. Meditation helps with that, to calm your mind and relax your body allowing you to sleep well through the night", she says. 

Reflecting on their commitment to ensure guests wake up feeling recharged, relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated, Westin Hotels & Resorts offer a varied selection of pillows according to each person’s preference. The hotel also has the perfect combination for a revitalizing sleep - the lavender balm, infused with calming essential oils from lavender and chamomile, which helps ease guests into a sound slumber; while the Heavenly Bed will promote sleep to restore your body and mind. To top this off, a relaxing playlist specially created by their music curator will allow one to drift into slumber gradually. 

In addition to the routine programming, on World Sleep Day the resort also hosted its Annual Pajama Party for its guests with entertainment, surprises and recommendations for a healthy lifestyle. 


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