Dhiraagu Launches ‘The Oceans – Our Home’ Campaign

PUBLISHED June 09, 2022 | updated June 09, 2022 03:40

Following the World Oceans Day 2022, Dhiraagu launched ‘The Oceans- Our Home’ campaign under its Care for the Ocean theme.

The campaign was launched with a video featuring Dhiraagu Brand Ambassador Zoona Naseem. The main objective of this initiative is to create awareness among young people. It is vital that they are actively involved in driving change because the world we all inherit is shaped by the actions and decisions of today. Under this campaign, a series of awareness activities will be conducted across the country.

Dhiraagu place great importance in raising awareness and advocating for the protection and preservation of our natural environment and ensuring environmental sustainability in our corporate practices. In October 2016, Dhiraagu introduced a company-wide and public-focused programme - Care for the Oceans to reduce and raise awareness against single-use plastic. The company introduced reusable bags, water dispensers and stopped using single use plastic bottles at the workplace since 2016.

Dhiraagu has also been supporting schools in their plastic free initiatives and have been engaging in awareness and coastal clean-up programmes. The company has also run initiatives dedicated to Care for the Oceans, by encouraging the public to choose alternatives to single use plastic. During the Covid-19 pandemic Dhiraagu raised awareness on the surge of plastic pollution and encouraged the public to responsibly discard items like single-use gloves and masks. Last year Dhiraagu appointed Zoona Naseem as its Brand Ambassador to further accelerate our efforts to call for action.

Dhiraagu is committed in continuing its work in this area to raise awareness for ‘The Oceans – Our Home’ together with Zoona as Dhiraagu’s Brand Ambassador and take on tomorrow

Watch the video - https://bit.ly/3zoMSgg


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