PUBLISHED February 08, 2023


Badhahi Mithurunge Hadiya, a book created for the love of Maldivian literature, is a book published by a group of friends who want to preserve Maldivian literature.

Badhahi Mithurun, which means "strong bond between a group of friends," and Hadiya, which means"gift," is indeed a gift for all Maldivians to enjoy. The book contains original poetry, madaha (religious songs), ban’dhi (a type of poetry used in the past to communicate with each other about all kinds of topics), and stories from Maldivians from all walks of life.

It all started in the Clubhouse, a social media platform that hosts programs on different topics and where people can join any forum on topics such as politics, entertainment, health, and, in this case, Maldivian literature.

On this platform, Leafiya and Mansoor connected with like-minded individuals and formed a group called Badhahi Mithurun, whose interests revolved around Maldivian literature. Here, members of the group share and discuss literary narratives on various topics, such as love, health, work, life on the island, and many more. Later, the group started to teach short courses on different types of Maldivian poetry for free.

With many members eager to share their original compositions, Mansoor, the key person in the group, and the other core members of the forum came up with the brilliant idea of publishing a book. The aim is to spread awareness and inspire young poets, storytellers, and writers to keep their interest in Maldivian literature alive for generations to come.

With only two months of planning, the voluntary hard work of the core group achieved the extraordinary feat of finishing a book: from designing to collecting and selecting stories to be published, editing, and coordinating the distribution all over the Maldives. In three months, the group effort paid off, and as of this writing, the distribution of the books was 100% complete.

Badhahi Mithurunge Hadiya is donated to all secondary schools in the Maldives, supported and sponsored by Best Dives Pvt Ltd and Best Yachts Maldives Pvt Ltd, an active supporter of local projects and initiatives that benefit the community.

For digital copy of the book you may get in touch with the group Badhahi Mithurun group at the Clubhouse.



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