Upgraded Version of SSI App is Here with New Features

PUBLISHED May 07, 2022 | updated May 07, 2022 08:12

SSI, the world’s largest professional dive business- based training agency announces that the highly anticipated MySSI App upgrade is here. The new, state-of-the-art MySSI App is unique in the diving industry boasting new features, a modern design, and improved user-friendliness.  

With this impressive free diving app, you can access everything you need to go diving and stay connected to diving at all times.  

Whether you run an SSI Training Center, are a professional, or just love diving, the MySSI App has all you need to boost your business, support your students, and record your diving adventures.

These features are just the start of what you will discover in the essential, new MySSI diving app:

- Learn easily on the move. SSI courses are included in the MySSI app and available whenever and wherever you want to learn.  

- Record every dive detail with MySSI’s advanced logbook features for scuba, freediving and extended range dives.  

- Connect with dive buddies worldwide.  

- Immerse yourself in diving even on land, with the latest industry and SSI blog news.

- Ready to level up? Check out SSI pathway posters to plan your next course and become the best diver you can be.  

- Find all events and courses of your local SSI Training Center.  

More information is available in SSI blog post. Sign up now for free access to the app (https://www.divessi.com/en/join-ssi/register-free/myssi-app)  


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