President Solih Inaugurates Kudagiri - Picnic Island in Male’ Atoll

New Opening
PUBLISHED February 11, 2023 | updated February 11, 2023 03:27

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has officially inaugurated the Kudagiri picnic island on Saturday, February 11, 2023. Developed as a picnic destination for the residents of the Malé region, Kudagiri offers a modern and eco-friendly concept for families to spend time together in comfort.

The island, located 10.5 km from the capital city of Male', takes about 15 minutes by speed boat. Kudagiri was developed through dredging and planting of trees, which delayed its opening from the original Independence Day schedule of 2022.

Kudagiri offers facilities including a convenience store, changing rooms, showers, mosque, and a café that provides various dining options for those visiting for picnics, events, and special occasions. The café also offers ‘Dhathuru Packs’, set meals for families and groups visiting Kudagiri who may not be able to prepare their own meals.

Kudagiri also prioritizes People with Disabilities (PWD) needs. PWDs have free entrance to the island and require no fees for transportation. The island has dedicated Ashi and allocated a Gifili for their convenience. Ring roads and a special ramp have been built to make it easier to access the beach and ocean. The island provides three wheelchairs for free use.

Kudagiri also prioritizes security, with 44 security cameras installed for the safety of visitors.

"We're so proud and grateful for the unwavering support shown by Housing Development Corporation Limited employees. We would like to thank them for their incredible contributions, tireless dedication, and the amazing things they have done! Their efforts can be seen all throughout Kudagiri."

Kudagiri is a welcome addition to the Maldives, providing a beautiful and accessible destination for families to enjoy picnics and events in comfort.


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