NBAM Partners with the Maldives Police Service to Sponsor 10 Lucky Students for Captain Training Courses

PUBLISHED December 15, 2021 | updated December 15, 2021 01:36

On the second day of Maldives Marine Expo 2021 (14th December 2021, Tuesday), the President of National Boating Association of Maldives, Ahmed Afrah and the treasurer of NBAM, Abdulla Ibrahim, has launched a partnership with the Head of Marine Police - Chief Superintendent of Police, Ibrahim Adnan Anees, to train 10 lucky students in a new Captain Course program.

The Maldives Police Service is conducting a training program named “Laamaseel Zuvaan Program 2022,” where they train young individuals in different key areas. During a meeting with NBAM, Maldives Police Service had shared information regarding this program which then led to both parties agreeing form this partnership.

The Maldives Police Service will be identifying talented individuals from their program who have an interest in becoming captains and notifying NBAM. The Executive Board of NBAM has agreed to sponsor 10 students which are handpicked from the Laamaseel Zuvaan Program by the Maldives Police Service.

NBAM believes that getting students with the help of the Maldives Police Service, aids them in identifying potential, gifted students. 

Both parties look forward to making this partnership an immense success for the marine industry!


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