Ooredoo Marks Eid-al-Fitr by Hosting Nationwide Events Aimed at Fostering Unity and Spreading Joy!

PUBLISHED April 15, 2024 | updated April 15, 2024 00:26

Ooredoo Maldives celebrated Eid-al-Fitr this year by organizing different activities to promote unity and Joy. Ooredoo Maldives also partook in several community organized events throughout the country to join in the festivities of this Eid.

1. Boakiba Distribution in Male’ and Hulhumale’ (Ooredoo Initiative)

Similar to every Eid, this Fitr Eid also, Ooredoo Maldives team distributed Eid boakiba in MA;e’ and Hulhumale’. This is a token to the tradition of having Boakiba for Eid breakfast.

2. Eid Hadhiya Distribution (Ooredoo Initiative)

Ooredoo Maldives distributed Eid Hadhiya to kids. The act of gift giving especially on Eid brings happiness.

3. Eid Sai Distribution in Partnership with HDC

In partnership with HDC, Ooredoo Maldives distributed Eid Sai at Hulhumale’ Phase 2.

4. Fenkulhi & Tug of War tournament in partnership with Club Hulhu

Club Hulhu organized a spectacular celebration in partnership with Ooredoo Maldives at Hulhu beach, Hulhumale with Fenkulhi, Tug of War and kids game.

5. Hulhumale’ Community Development Society Eid Celebration after Eid Prayer

Eid sai was hosted by Hulhumale’ Community Development Society in partnership with Ooredoo Maldives.

6. Maduvvari Maestro Cup 2024 – M. Maduvvari (Main Partner)

Maduvvari Maestro Cup 2024 was hosted by M. Maduvvari Council with Ooredoo as the Main Partner. This was part of the Eid activities in M. Maduvvari.

7. Sh. Milandhoo Council Cup – Bronze Partner

Ooredoo Maldives is the Bronze Partner of Sh. Milandhoo Council Cup held as part of Eid activities. This cup showcased the immense talent of the players of Sh. Milandhoo.

8. Kudarikilu Futsal Mubaaraiy – Digital Partner

Ooredoo Maldives supported Kudarikilu Futsal tournament as the Digital Partner. Football is a sport that brings our community together and fosters talent around the country.

9. Eydhafushi Futsal Cup – Eydhafushi Council (Title Sponsor)

Eydhafushi futsal Cup was also held to mark the Fitr Eid, and we were thrilled to support as the Title Sponsor.


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