Tree Top Hospital Celebrates 4th Year Anniversary!

PUBLISHED March 01, 2022 | updated March 01, 2022 05:00

Tree Top Hospital is celebrating the hospital’s 4th anniversary with brand new health package discounts.  

Tree Top Hospital will be launching a 10% reduction on its health screening packages to commemorate its 4th year anniversary on March 1, 2022. This special rate applies to the following health screening packages from March 1- 31: 

1. Well Male Package

2. Well Woman Package (18-34 years) 

3. Well Woman Package (35+ years) 

4. Healthy Living Package (Basic and Advanced) 

5. Heart Screening Packages (Strong Heart and Healthy Heart) 

Secondly, in order to foster talented young people in the workplace, Tree Top Hospital will host "Tree Top Hospital Open Day 2022," a career guidance and job opportunities event. This program is designed for young people who have completed secondary school and are actively seeking employment. Tree Top Hospital is committed to developing local talent, as such they have established the "Tree Top Hospital Nursing Scholarship" to help Maldivian youth workers. Through this fully funded scholarship, 7 Maldivian student nurses are currently pursuing their studies. 

Over the past year Tree Top Hospital has introduced several different services. Family Medicine Clinic, Women and Child Health Centre, Pain and Rehabilitative Services for Cancer Patients, Child Nutrition Clinic are amongst the many new services the hospital has introduced. 

Established in 2018, Tree Top Hospital provides excellence in healthcare by offering a wide spectrum of specialized health and medical services, ranging from health screening centers leading to high-end medical and surgical services, supported by state-of-the-art technology.  

For more information, please contact 3351610 or email  


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