Protein Legu Pasta with Curry & Vegetable Puree

PUBLISHED March 07, 2021

Giovanni De Ambrosis
Corporate Executive Chef
Cocoon Maldives

Corporate Executive Chef of Cocoon Maldives, Giovanni De Ambrosis is an award-winning, progressive culinary professional with over 25 years of experience in world-class resorts, hotels and restaurants. He exemplifies professionalism and has the ability to drive clients’ satisfaction and retention through the creation of quality food, while fostering a friendly and pleasant dining experience. With his extensive knowledge, he has strong business administrative insight, along with recruiting, training and interpersonal skills. His natural ability to both, create an enthusiastic, productive working environment, and maintain a reputation of quality, service and dedication, has brought him to where he is today; the Ambassador of Italian Taste.
I wanted to represent my vegetarian friends with a protein-rich, healthy dish. Considering their taste, I used vegetables, curry and legumes. This is a new nutritious dish with new international flavours. Also, Legù is not pasta! It is made from just legumes.


120g Legù Pasta

1 tsp curry powder

1 tsp sesame seed

20g carrots

20g bell pepper

10g onions

10g leek

20g pumpkin

1 soup spoon extra virgin olive oil

5g salt

5g pepper

Preparation / Method

• Cut all the vegetables into cubes and place them in a pot. Add salt, pepper, curry powder and mix it up. Add water until all the vegetables are just covered. Cook the vegetables until soft, and blend them to form a purée.

• Boil the Legù Pasta in water with some salt for a maximum of 3 minutes.

• Compose the plate with the Legù Pasta, the vegetables purée, sesame seed and a touch of extra virgin olive oil.


Serves 2 pax