Whale Submarine perform 10,000 dives - Calls for a celebration

PUBLISHED October 24, 2019

Whale Submarine, worlds deep diving largest passenger submarine currently operating in the Maldives has successfully completed its 10,000th dive.

With 50 comfortable seats, Whale Submarine is certified to dive up to 150 meters. Introduced in the Maldives in the year 2000, the submarine has been in operation for the past 19 years and without lessening its popularity, guests keep increasing year after year to visit the mysterious depths of the Maldives unexplored underwater world.

The chance to experience the true underwater world of Tear Drop Reef, previously reserved exclusively for divers will be available for visitors at this worlds largest and deepest diving passenger submarine in existence.

The submarine is piloted by Certified Maldivians. The Ministry of Transport of the Maldives approves the whole operation. Whale Submarine has so far performed 10,000 dives and carried over 300,000 passengers in its air-conditioned cabin. A dive in a passenger submarine is safer than flying in airplanes as passenger submarines do not carry fuel and do not travel as fast as aircraft's do. Passenger submarines are powered by battery. There are over 48 passenger submarines currently operating across the globe and so far, there hasn't been a single accident involving any of these passenger submarines.


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