Maldives First Hostel Opens in capital Malé

PUBLISHED September 25, 2019

What was once a pipedream is now a reality: Budget-conscious travellers can now find affordable accommodation straight out of their flights in capital Malé now. 

Capsule or pod hotels were developed in Japan as a way for budget travellers to have somewhere safe and affordable to sleep. Over the years capsule hotels have remained popular but the experience of staying in one has dramatically changed, with pod hoteliers competing to provide guests with the most stylish and luxurious experience.

Despite capsule and dorm accommodations not been heard of around the Maldives, a video of a traveler posting her accommodation for the night in Malé at the capsule hostel went viral on Facebook on Wednesday evening. She also mentioned in her story that the capsule was booked for $23, two dollars less than it was available on Agoda at $25. 

The Nap Corner hostel is located around Raanba Café in Maafannu and appears to be the cheapest mode of accommodation in Malé among the properties listed on major Online Travel Agent websites and booking engines.


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