Maldivian Diver Honored at the 2019 Ocean Awards

PUBLISHED May 12, 2019

Zoona Naseem, co-founder and owner of "Moodhu Bulhaa Dive Centre" which is located in Villingili, Male atoll, has won a prestigious international award.

The Ocean Awards, an initiative started by the BOAT International and Blue Marine Foundation, recognizes an individual or a group that has had the most positive impact on the environment within their community. This is the fourth consecutive year that this is being held for.

Even though there were many other nominations other than herself from all over the world, Maldivian Diver Zoona won the Local Hero Award which, according to BOAT International, recognizes a leader on marine conversation issues within their community.

In her career, Zoona has lodged more than 12,000 dives and has taught 11,000 individuals to dive. 400 out of these 11,000 individuals are Maldivian women.

After receiving the National Award of Recognition in the area of Diving in the year 2018, Zoona became a marine ambassador and an advocate for the environment.

She campaigns for the conservation of the oceans and also for Maldivian women to learn how to dive, so that they better understand what is at stake, as well as to pass on the knowledge to their children.

IN addition to this, Zoona has also assisted in the development process of a government scheme, Farukoe, which translates to Reef Child, where children in the Maldives are able to experience what its like snorkeling in the coral reefs of their home.

Zoona was the first ever Maldivian woman to be qualified as a PADI instructor.


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