An increase in tourists from neighboring country India

PUBLISHED February 06, 2019

Speaking at a press conference, Minister of Tourism Ali Waheed boasted that there was a 37% increase in tourist from India. The statistics show the increase, despite a slight drop in arrivals from China in the month of January, in comparison to the same period of 2018 a 0.7% drop to be exact.

He said that the Chinese tourist market had been showing a decline since 2018, and said that he did not think the reason was geopolitics. He said that the Ministry of Tourism, along with stakeholders in the tourism industry will be conducting meetings with the Chinese Embassy to improve tourist arrivals from china.

He also noted the increase of 17% in tourist arrivals from Italy.

Overall, the tourist arrivals in January 2019 also show a 6.5% increase compared to January 2018.

"We have also had to face several tragedies, but the increase in arrival rates lead us to have high expectations for this year," Ali Waheed said.

Despite the miniscule drop, Chinese market leads the tourist arrivals in January.

Total arrivals in January:

1.       China: 17%

2.       Italy: 11%

3.       India: 7.7%

4.       UK: 6.7%

5.       Germany: 6.5%


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