Olhufushi Island Put Up for Sale

PUBLISHED February 19, 2018

The private Island of Olhufushi in the Maldives has been put up for sale for tourism related purposes.

Located in the sparkling turquoise waters of the Maldives' southerly Thaa Atoll, Olhufushi is the perfect example for a paradise, a pristine tropical island with swaying palm trees and white beaches surrounded by crystalline lagoons of varying shades of blue.

Thaa Atoll has been considered one of the last frontiers for tourism development. So far there has been minimal tourism development in the atoll therefore the environmental conditions are pristine compared to other parts of the country.

Additionally with the development of Thaa Thimarafushi domestic airport, Thaa atoll has become one of the most sought after atolls for tourism development.

Olhufushi can be developed as a private retreat or a luxurious resort of 35 single story villas, (including water villas) and 50 rooms.

The island truly has the potential to be heady mixture of secluded serenity, thrilling water sports activities, soothing spas, relaxing beaches all wrapped in the luxurious comfort of modern amenities that will make guests want the experience again.

Olhufushi Island is 3.1 ha and is 212 km from Male International airport. The nearest resort in close proximity is Maali Fushi. 

The beauty of Maldives is known to be addictive.Sunny, unique and unspoiled, the islands of Maldive offers visitors sunshine, no matter what time of the year they decide to visit.  It is true that the Maldives Islands can truly be considered heaven on Earth.


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